Share the WOW!

We are thrilled to give you the opportunity to Share the WOW! With a contribution of $1,500, your family will enjoy the tangible reward‎ of providing a JAJF WOW! Experience for a sweet young late stage family. This program is designed specifically for families like yours looking to combine doing good with a teachable moment for your children. Helping others in a crucial time of need can now be a topic you can discuss with your children and can be illustrated by Sharing the WOW!

A WOW! Experience is what JAJF does when an entire family has been turned upside down due to the stresses of late stage cancer. Following an Oncologist’s prescription, JAJF sends families on a memory making, fun trip together to resorts and destinations nationwide. When you choose to Share the WOW! you give a “timeout from cancer.” The chance to enjoy a sun rise over the mountains, backstage VIP passes at a concert, swim with dolphins or rope and ride at a dude ranch. All of this can happen with your kindness and generosity.

This is an opportunity to share with your children just how transformational giving can be. When you contribute to Sharing the WOW!, you will follow along step-by-step your JAJF’s family’s WOW! Experience as it unfolds.

As destinations take shape we will share their specific itinerary. Upon your JAJF family’s return home, you will see sweet pictures and all other family hugs we can return to you – (priceless thank you notes and exuberant voice mail messages).

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to be a Share the WOW! Family and enable you to show your children just how good helping others feels. Together we can treat the families, not the cancer.

For more information on how to Share the WOW! Please contact Jennifer Kanter, WOW! Society Director at (203) 216-3910.

Please peruse our website to enjoy the decade of smiles… so far! Here’s how you can help!

How can I Share the WOW?

Your tax deductible investment of $1500 to adopt your own JAJF family is funding the prescription by your JAJF family’s Oncologist. For Oncologists to validate the medicinal impact of taking a timeout from cancer to smile, laugh, sing, dance, stroll, explore and be pampered is extraordinary. JAJF is now part of the treatment protocol. We can’t be more humbled….and proud.  Your direct, tangible support will enable JAJF to create a unique WOW! Experience® for a family suffering through late stage cancer. Our investors (like you) appreciate: when a young Mom or Dad has late stage cancer, their children also suffer along the way. You are making it possible for them to take a timeout, to enjoy cherished time together as a family, at fabulous destinations across the country… while they can.

We say investment in a sweet, young late stage family because there is a clear ROI. In pilot cases, those who shared the WOW!…those who invested in families’ prescribed timeout clearly enjoyed the thrill and personal reward of making smiles, laughter and hugs happen!  In a word or three: cherished, vital memories.

The other ROI is the distinct benefit/long term value  for your own children.  Share the WOW! shows children what a tangible difference philanthropy can make in the life of a family- both yours and your JAJF family!   The impact is measurable not only for your JAJF family but for your children as well.  And for JAJF’s families, that precious time together is the greatest gift. These young Moms and Dads want so desperately to give their children positive family memories before they pass and leave behind their children. Your children are playing a specific role in helping other children who are facing the imminent loss of their Moms and Dads at such a vulnerable time  That’s what Sharing the WOW! does every single day. Your children, along with you, will receive the JAJF Annual Report…aka our Smile Book. An Annual Report unlike any you’ve ever seen.   The smiles say it all…..on the faces of your children as well.

Children helping children is core to our Founder’s initial vision. We are proud to launch Share the WOW! We are proud to share the smiles.

What does my $1500 buy?

Because we treat our families from driveway to driveway, your donation ensures the family will not spend one penny while on their WOW!  JAJF takes care of every detail so Mom and Dad can focus on their children and the smiles and hugs.   Your gift makes creating lasting, positive memories possible!  Your gift also has a long term, treasured impact on these children who are losing their Moms and Dads. A typical JAJF WOW! Experience includes a four-day, three-night stay, thanks to the compassion and generosity of our in-kind WOW! partners. On average, by combining our donor’s (Benefactors) generous support with our in-kind inventory, your gift is leveraged into a total getaway WOW! package valued at over $8,000!  In many cases, more.

Where do families typically go on their WOW! Experience?

From the Big Apple to the Big Island -we send families all across the United States for their prescribed timeout from cancer.  Each WOW! Experience is completely unique and customized to that family’s interest. You could nickname JAJF make-a-choice. Their real dream or wish is positive time together as a family…while they can.  No two WOWs are the same! Whether it is beaches, theme parks, dude ranches, resorts or the big city– the common theme? FUN and laughter and a much-needed (indispensable) positive break from hospitals, doctor visits and cancer.

How do we get to follow along on all the WOW! when we Share the WOW?

Planning a WOW! Experience for a family takes approximately four to eight weeks to complete every detail. As destinations are selected and activities are planned, we will share your family’s itinerary with you, just as if you were going to be on the trip…the WOW!

How long before I can see the treasured family photos?   Approximately four weeks upon your family’s return, photos will be emailed to you. You can view thousands of precious, fun photos of family’s WOW! Experience since 2006 in the JAJF Family Photo Gallery and Appreciation Archives.

May our family sign up to do this annually?  You may Share the WOW in winter, spring, summer or fall.  We send families on WOWs every month of the year. We are committed to continue to give our families an extraordinary, treasured timeout from cancer. You are helping to sustain JAJF.

How do I encourage my child’s classmates to get involved and Share the WOW!? Send them right here to learn more.  Perhaps they are planning to raise money at a dance-a-thon, lemonade stand, and 5K – maybe a classroom project is looking for a beneficiary?   Maybe instead of birthday presents a 10 year old decides he’d like to give another family precious time together.

Children helping Children – its inspiring, aspirational and a core of JAJF’s purpose and spirit!

How do I share this program with my friends, their families, or co-workers?    Do you attend a cooking class?   Painting classes, running clubs, tennis leagues, golfing buddies, book clubs, card games…please feel free to Share the WOW! with others. Share the WOW! can be an inspiring source of company/team pride—espirit de corps.

Can I join and Share the WOW! with one of my friend’s?  Absolutely! We cannot think of a better way to come together and bond with your friends, family or community. Share the WOW! and let us know if you and another family are interested in adopting a family together.

What happens if my family’s WOW! Experience is postponed or cancelled? Unfortunately, due to the unpredictable nature of late stage cancer, we do occasionally see trips postponed or even cancelled. While all patients are  prescribed to us early enough in their late stage cancer to be able to travel and be active on their WOW!,  occasionally , a patient’s health status changes quickly and we must work to accommodate their needs.

If your adopted family’s WOW! is postponed, we will update you on the change and keep you apprised when  it is rescheduled and share the details as they unfold.

Should your family’s WOW! be canceled because the patient has rapidly become too sick to travel or sadly passes, we always offer to send the family on their WOW! at a later date.  We feel strongly sending the family when they are ready to travel is one way JAJF can help the family with the healing process and moving forward.