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Jay Bass: 1/30/1965 - 6/8/2011


eidi, thank you so much for all the work you did to make it possible for us to be able to take this trip of a lifetime!!!!! It was more than we ever expected!!!!

We had a wonderful “vacation” from CANCER. We never mentioned cancer and because we live in a small town everyone is always concerned and asking us about Jay’s condition etc… I didn’t realize how draining it was to answer so many questions. Thank you and your wonderful foundation for that!!!

Everything else was a dream too… the hotel was absolutely gorgeous!! We had never in our lives stayed in such a fancy place and the view was breathtaking!!! The service was excellent!!! The restuarant the Solaris was wonderful the service was extraordinary and we tried many different dishes and enjoyed each one.

The Disney experience was top notched !!!!!!!!!! Everyone was so helpful and kind!!! Our girls will not forget any of this!!!!!!!!!! Just the airplane ride itself was a whole new experience for them we had many firsts… a fancy hotel, fancy restaurant, DISNEY experience, Mears for all the rides ( which was a wonderful break for me because I’m the one who drives all the time) just the wonderful smiles and many laughs that we had. We can’t thank you all enough!!!! Without the help of the whole team of companies we wouldn’t of had the Experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

With much appreciation and graditude,
the Bass Family