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Larry D. Purdy: 7/30/1949 - 11/11/2010


Dear Heidi,

I’m sorry my reply about our trip is late, Mr. Purdy has had some complications to Chemotherapy lately and I have been busy taking care of him. Please accept my late thank you note.

Where to start! Our trip to Seaside, Fl. was great! Our first day, Mandy,Arden,Debbie and Michael greeted us at the beach house, they were so nice and made us feel at home. Our sons Quenton, and Nathan had bikes delivered to the house, they rode them all over Seaside, they really enjoyed them. We had dinner at the Great Southern Cafe Friday, it was great! Saturday morning Debbie met us at the Modica Market for breakfast, afterwords she gave us a tour of Seaside, it was interesting, this was one of my favorite outings! She also gave us a beautiful gift, a book of Views of Seaside, she also gave us a gift certificate to the Seaside stores, the boys thought this was great! It was great to relax at the house and focus on just having a good time!, we sure needed this. We had lunch at Pickles, we even had fried pickles! Dinner was at Barefoot BBQ, this was one of the best BBQ sandwiches we had ever eaten, we all gave it a10! I think our favorite outing was a the ceramic shop, Fired Up Pottery, Amy was very helpful! We made a ceramic plate with my husbands and own hand prints on it along with all the children’s thumbprints, it is on our mantle today. We even had family portraits taken in the evening around the house, it made us really feel special. Dinner at Bud and Ally’s was superb, the atmosphere and food were great. All of this was certainly a WOW experience. Heidi Cohen had everything planned and waiting for our arrival. We will never forget our trip! This trip certainly made memories for our family.

The Purdy Family