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Lisa Ryan: 1971 - 10/30/2009


Dear Heidi,

We just got home from our incredible trip to Orlando that you arranged for our family. It was spectacular, and that is a complete understatement! It so exceeded our expectations, and accomplished everything and more than it was intended to. Every detail was exceptional, and we felt so pampered and carefree. It was wonderful to escape the reality of chemotherapy and oncology and radiology, even if only for a few days. The fear and stress were replaced with magic and light-heartedness and FUN!!
We were so touched and humbled by the sincere care and generosity of each of Jack and Jill Foundation’s partners. It has been an honor for our family to be the recipient of this kindness. We are so grateful.
Park N Fly Plus handled all the details with our car and getting shuttling us to the airport…smiling the whole time, even before 5:00am! Air Tran had the tickets ready immediately, and we enjoyed the smooth and efficient flight. Their employees were wonderful. Mears Transportation was waiting in Orlando with a sign “Ryan Family”, just as planned. Angel, our driver, was great, and even had a car seat for Abigail. Check-in at Marriot’s Orlando World Center went smoothly, and the customer service there was outstanding. They gave us a beautiful suite with an adjoining double room for the children. The accommodations were spectacular, and we are ever so grateful for the generosity. They also provided all of the meal vouchers for the hotel restaurants, which was a very appreciated gift as well. Sea World had our tickets waiting and gave us additional passes to get through lines faster and have priority seating at some shows. Our children loved every minute at Sea World, and because of the passes, they had so much time to explore and go on rides. Disney World also had our tickets waiting and provided us with a ‘special assistance’ pass which helped very much with wait times. We spent a day at the Magic Kingdom and a half-day at each Animal Kingdom and Epcot. After spending our last day in Orlando at the hotel pool, we flew back to Atlanta and are now safely at home. All went exactly as planned!!
This trip was perfect for each of our children, Madeline (11), Michael (10), Andrew (6), and Abigail (4). I have never seen them all so happy. This has been the most wonderful vacation, a complete holiday from the reality of a brain tumor and the sadness and insecurity it can instill in us all. I wish I had more than the two little words that say ‘thank you’. Our gratitude is enormous! It has been extraordinary to see and feel the compassion of Jack and Jill Foundation and all of the businesses that contributed to our trip…all of the love and care and kindness of everyone involved.

With unending gratitude and appreciation,

The Ryan Family
Brennan, Lisa, Madeline, Michael, Andrew, and Abigail