NEW YORK and ATLANTA – CNN Heroes received more than 85,000 nominations from more than 100 countries.  We are very proud to announce Jon Albert, Founder of the Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation, as a CNN HERO. CNN honors individuals who make extraordinary contributions and make a difference.

These are families forever touched by cancer, but indelibly treated by JAJF… since 2006. 


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In an ongoing effort to maintain operational efficiencies, cost effectiveness and fiscal responsibility, we continue to evaluate costs and processes as we begin our fifteenth year of treating the families; not the cancer. Since our launch in 2006, JAJF has proudly aligned with Northern Trust. They took us under their wing believing in our mission and our purpose across the country. There is no JAJF without Northern Trust’s compassion and goodwill. There is no JAJF without Northern Trust’s belief in the importance of JAJF and in the importance of family. JAJF continues to be in good hands with Northern Trust stewarding all of our banking.

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