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Our Supporters appreciate cancer does not just strike the Mom or Dad; it strikes their children as well.

Please use the form below to make a simple and secure online donation to JAJF.  You can FUND A FAMILY or Families or join the WOW! Society.  You can also fund a specific portion of a full prescribed timeout. We take families from driveway to driveway. For more information, please call WOW! Society Director, Jennifer Kanter at (404) 537-5253.


Since our launch in 2006, JAJF has proudly aligned with Northern Trust. They took us under their wing believing in our mission and our purpose across the country. There is no JAJF without Northern Trust’s compassion and goodwill. There is no JAJF without Northern Trust’s belief in the importance of JAJF and in the importance of family. You could say, we are both in the family memory business. JAJF continues to be in good hands with Northern Trust stewarding all of our banking.

As we continue another year of treating the families; not the cancer, we can’t be more proud of the continued national praise and how people admire JAJF for our measurable (meaningful) impact. There is no black hole. “Our investment is very tangible”, we hear regularly. We are just as proud of the continued praise JAJF receives for our fiscal responsibility. JAJF’s audit results are stellar.

The launch of the WOW! Society has been well received. We are thrilled with the Founding Members (Investors) JAJF has gained since introducing the Society.  

A wonderful, important added value to the WOW! Society is the focus on families giving back to other families. Our Investors enjoy the measurable reward of supporting, in essence, adopting families prescribed to JAJF. The WOW! Society  is about families helping other families; children specifically helping other children who are facing the imminent loss of their Moms and Dads. This Society combines doing good with a teachable moment for children (and/or grandchildren). Measurably, helping other families in a crucial time of need can now be a topic discussed with your children. This is an tangible opportunity to teach just how transformational giving can be.   

We hear the word invest because there is a clear ROI.  The best way to say thank you; the best ROI is the smiles…and the joy of these sweet young families who have been prescribed to JAJF. We now see and hear that joy three to eleven years later from these children who stay in touch with JAJF. Your investment pays out in the form of an annuity…an annuity of treasured, lasting memories.

Jennifer can also help interested grant funders and those who would like to designate JAJF, the only organization of its kind serving this overlooked population, in their planned giving.

If you have any issues making an online donation, please email JAJF to report your incident.

Enjoy the joy… and smiles your support creates. Enjoy the immediate and long term tangible impact  On behalf of our national Board of Directors, thank you so very much!