Become a WOW! Partner

The Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation offers diagnosed families the opportunity to enjoy special moments together… while they can.

Our corporate WOW! partners ensure JAJF can continue to impact more families and make a profound difference in the lives of children who will lose their Mom or Dad to cancer. Through continued financial and in-kind support, our partners make a precious investment in social capital, ensuring those left behind are comforted by cherished, indispensable (POSITIVE, FUN) memories of their Mom and Dad. A WOW is what JAJF does when MOM (or DAD) is turned upside down (and the entire family) because of late stage cancer.

As the only organization of its kind serving this overlooked population, there is a need to keep fighting the fight; there is also a need to keep fighting for cherished family time for these young parents who just won’t be saved by the next wonder drug or trial.

If interested in becoming a JAJF WOW! partner, please complete the following form or contact Jennifer Kanter, WOW! Society Director.