Why Donate?

We realize how fortunate we are to gain The TODAY Show’s confidence and praise twice like we have had with CBSCNN, NBC’s Sunday Night Football, The Wall Street JournalUSA TODAY and others. They literally had thousands of other nonprofit options to showcase. Being recognized as a 2019 CNN HERO is another testament to the measurable and meaningful impact of JAJF since 2006.

Please see this brief clip:  Sanjay Gupta prescribes JAJF   It is only just over a minute, but Sanjay tells the story in a powerful way

We can’t just raise praise however.

As we begin our 15th year of filling prescriptions from Oncologists across the United States as part of the treatment protocol, please help fund a family and Share the WOW! or join the JAJF WOW! Society.

It is simple and seamless to donate online or send a check to:

Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation
75 Remittance Drive, Dept 92065
Chicago, IL   60675-2065

Federal Tax ID# 20-4415512


Since our launch in 2006, JAJF has proudly aligned with Northern Trust. They took us under their wing believing in our mission and our purpose across the country. There is no JAJF without Northern Trust’s compassion and goodwill. There is no JAJF without Northern Trust’s belief in the importance of JAJF and in the importance of family. You could say, we are both in the family memory business. JAJF continues to be in good hands with Northern Trust stewarding all of our banking.

For more information on investing in JAJF or becoming a member of the JAJF WOW! SOCIETY please contact Jennifer Kanter, WOW! Society Director at (404) 537-5253.

We can’t be more proud of how supporters admire us for our measurable impact.

There is no black hole.