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Tina Borg: 7/11/1960 - 10/29/2012


Dear Heidi & Jon,

As I stare down at my keyboard trying to find the right words to express my gratitude, I find that there are not enough letters on my keyboard, words in our language, or space on my hard drive to express the appreciation my family and I have for everyone’s kindness, respect, caring, empathy, sympathy, friendship, and generosity. To all the wonderful people we met on our trip to California, you truly were the highlight of our stay and will be forever remembered. All of you went well beyond any expectations to make our stay incredible and memorable. To all of the wonderful people who we never met and were directly instrumental to our experience and to all the phenomenal donors of the Jack and Jill Foundation, we thank you for your humble and anonymous contribution to our family’s unbelievable experience. We wish that we could meet all of you and personally thank you individually. I hope that your work with the Jack and Jill Foundation brings warmth to your heart and lifts your spirits as it did ours. Since my wife’s diagnosis it has been difficult to really let go and have fun without the fear that it might end some day. You gave us a respite from our fears and worries and allowed us to have more fun in three days than we have had for years. There will be very few memories that will bring me greater joy than the vision of my wife and children’s’ faces with every amazing and unexpected experience we had. Many of you don’t get an opportunity to see first hand the great things that you are doing for all of the families that you help, which is unfortunate. But, I can assure you that the good you are doing is greater than any of you can imagine. I have been accused of being long-winded and I don’t want that to be your impression of me. If I would have to say it all in one word, the only word that would be appropriate would be; WOW!!! We hope that we can find a way to pay it forward. We pray that all of you have great health, long lives, and a bounty of happiness. Best personal regards from the entire Borg family.

Ed Borg