Dear Heidi,

We apologize for being remiss in just now sending our letter of appreciation. Life has become overwhelming since we returned home, but the trip provided by Jack and Jill to Disney World was just wonderful! It was my wish that we would be able to enjoy a trip to Disney and forget about all the bad stuff that had been going on with my treatment. This was truly a WOW experience for me and my children!

The time we spent having fun on the rides and just enjoying the excitement of the parks will be cherished forever by me and my family. The Swan and Dolphin Resort was just gorgeous and everyone treated us very special. The Manager of the restaurants was so nice. He and another representative presented the children, Daniel and Carson, with very special gifts upon our arrival. We also were treated to a wonderful Dinner at one of the four or five star restaurants. Even though it was a fancy restaurant, they were able to provide Carson with his favorite, butter and cheese pasta.

My six year old son, Carson, loves the white sand and beach. At the Swan Resort, he was able to play on the white sandy beach around the pool and play area. This made his trip complete. He says that it was his favorite experience. My eight year old, Daniel, loves Star Wars and he and Carson were able to make their own Life Savers at the shop after the Star War Ride. This was his favorite experience. For me, it was relaxation in the comfy bed at the resort after a hard day at Disney, as well as all the fun stuff with my children. The Van made available through Jack and Jill provided us with a wonderful trip back and forth to Orlando. The children were able to spread out from one another and enjoy the ride.

Heidi, I would like to thank you and all of the sponsors that were involved in making this trip possible for me and my family. You are doing such a great service to parents like me, that are just overwhelmed by this terrible illness. Please accept my appreciation from the bottom of my heart!

The Borgmans