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Dear Heidi,

This thank you letter is well overdue. Eric, Emily and I wanted to thank you and Jack & Jill for an amazing vacation. As we all know with a family member with Cancer your lives can change on a daily basis. We were very fortunate to have gone on the trip back in October because shortly after we got back home, the main cancer fighting medicine that Eric was on stopped working.

We have been trying for many months to get him back on course with his treatment and after many uphill battles, have finally gotten a little bit of a light at the end of the tunnel! So again, I apologize that this thank you letter is coming so late. Everyone, everywhere was amazing on this trip. Southwest was very accommodating and we were able to board the plane before most passengers to assure that we had enough time to get us into our seats and comfortable without rushing Eric. Emily had never flown before and the captain and co-pilot even let her peek in the cockpit on the way home. She was so excited to get such special treatment.

The rental car agency was fantastic and the SUV was roomy enough for us to fit the electric scooter in the back for Eric. The car made it possible for us to get groceries, go sightseeing and of course to our main destination the Disney Parks! Marriott was wonderful and our villa was amazing. I was so special and well appointed. The grounds were so peaceful and quiet near our villa, but filled with things to do for our family. Emily loved the playground that was right across the way from us and pool area was also one of her favorite spots. She loved playing with the large chess set they had at the pool too. We had such a wonderful time at all the parks. The day we landed in Florida was our 15th wedding anniversary. Since we went to Disney on our honeymoon, it was amazing to be back for our anniversary. Emily would turn 5 the end of the month and we celebrated that with her while we were there.

We made so many amazing memories in those few days. Emily got to trick-or-treat at Disney World and met many of her favorite characters. We ate at Tusker House in Animal Kingdom and Mickey Mouse helped her celebrate her birthday in style. It was an amazing trip that we will cherish for a lifetime! Thank you again for your organization and for allowing our family to be a part of a WOW experience. In an effort to help Jack & Jill continue to host WOW experiences for other families we wanted to try to give something back to your organization. I am very fortunate that the elementary school that I teach at is so supportive of my family and after hearing about what you were able to do for us, the school decided to have a fundraiser for Jack & Jill. We held a pjs for patient?s day! Many of the students and staff in my school wore their pajamas to school one day and donated money to your amazing organization. Please accept the donation that accompanies this letter so that you can keep doing the amazing work that you do! Thanks again for everything.

The Carter Family