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Nicole Caruso-Smith: 9/2/1977 - 1/19/2008


Dear Heidi/ Jack and Jill Foundation,

What a wonderful experience our family had at the Circus! Me, my husband, Jim, and my son, Jared, all attended. The day started out perfect by being picked up in a limousine. That was my son’s first experience in a limousine and he was beside himself. He said he wanted us to buy a car like that. He enjoyed the animal crackers, gingerale and snacks the driver provided for us all. I especially loved the beautiful tulips the limo driver brought me. I am weak from the chemo so having such a luxurious type of transportation was wonderful. Not having to find somewhere to park and walk helped save much of my energy to enjoy the circus. Once we arrived, we were greeted by the photographer who stayed with us the entire time and took tons of pictures of our experience. I know we will enjoy them for years to come. The private meet and greet we had with the performers was really neat. They were all very kind and very funny! That was the first time my son and I had seen the circus. He loved every part of it, but he says his favorite was the acrobats. He would like to quit baseball and learn to become an acrobat so he can join the circus, we all laughed at that one! Having the private booth was perfect. It was a very comfortable place to relax and enjoy the show. My immune is low which means I can catch bugs easily, so it was good not to be sitting so close to others to avoid germs. I can’t thank the Jack and Jill Foundation enough for the experience they provided for my family! We have been through a lot this year so it was a great day to let go of all my stresses and enjoy my family in a great environment! I thank God for all the people who took part in making this day possible. What the foundation does is a true blessing! We are all grateful for all the gifts you have given us. I pray the foundation will be able to provide this incredible service for many others.

Thank you Again!

Nicole Smith and family