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Peter C. Coons: 3/18/1959 - 2/12/2011


To the Staff at La Paloma,

we had a fabulous trip! We have never been treated so importantly before. Just having a driver at the airport (Heather, who was wonderful), being greeted by a crowd applauding us (Bill Petrella, Richard Brooks, and Deb stand out-you all had such joy on your faces, not pity, but excitement for us) then going the Presidential Suite-which was incredible, we were already in awe. Then there were lovely gifts waiting in our room, beverages, and fun snacks, and we went to a lovely dinner at Azul. We have never seen a true southwest desert so the next day the jeep tour was a big hit. Our driver Bob knew every plant and five things you can do with it. He could spot a small, brown animal hiding in a bush at 50ft. J Bar that night was really good, and the live music made it extra special.

Having a Cabana at the pool each day was also a first for us. We loved having our little place and the staff was exceptional. Brittney made us feel like royalty and the fruit plates each day were delightful. The heat was a bit much for Peter the first day at the pool so the next day we first ate lunch at Sabino’s and sat at the bar with the misters on our back-it was heavenly. For entertainment, we watched the Iowa/Arizona fans brag about their teams. Our massages at the Red Door Salon were fantastic, Peter said she knew just how to treat his special needs. Judy greeted us with such warmth and excitement and extended to us even more gifts. Our kids golf lessons went very well. Chris had never had one before and picked it up right away. Courtney (our 15yo), said her instructor looked like Matt Damon and the guy driving the cart looked like Brad Pitt so she had a great time.

Dinner at Fleming’s was amazing. Each bite was a delight and because you had told them that we were important, they sent over several appetizers and side dishes. I’m sure they would have sent more desserts but we were so full we only had two.
During our entire stay, everywhere we went, every staff member from the cart driver to the pool waitress, knew who we were. I don’t know how you did it, but it was impressive. What also really impressed us was that we did not feel pitied, only that your people wanted to make sure we had a great time because they felt care and compassion for us.
Going home on Sunday we were a different family. Sharing such a dream together certainly makes us bond in a different way. Heather gave us more wonderful gifts, including a glass cactus that will always remind us of our WOW experience. I sat by our son Chris on the way home and he and I had more fun together than we have in years. I drive him down to college on Thursday so the timing was perfect.
We have already thanked Heidi at Jack & Jill, if there is anyone who would benefit from our story, please feel free to call us. When blessed this much, it makes us want to bless others and we will! We have already talked about when we can come back, I know our children will always consider your resort as very special to them.

Gratefully, Kim and Peter

PS (from Peter): Here are some of the words our family used during the trip… first, to describe the people and place: “hospitable, sincere, authentic, gracious, talented, thoughtful, caring, knowledgeable”… secondly, to describe how we felt and its impact on us: “in awe, joyful, humbled, thankful, blessed, grateful, a cherished time as a family, rested, rejuvenated, encouraged, relaxed, acquainted (with desert, Tucson, golf, the best food, the best resort)”. We will continue to find strength from the authentic kindness which you so generously extended to us. Our prayer is that God blesses each of you and your loved ones.