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I just wanted to say thank you so much again for all that you guys did for myself and my family. The entire experience was truly amazing, from the rental car which we loved to the hotel which was beyond beautiful it was one of these places you see on tv and dream of going and you guys made it happen. They made everything so easy, we wanted for nothing. They were so nice and asked about each activity, Evan was more than kind, and Tara who planned all the activities was one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. within our cancer journey and I say our because from the beginning of my fight with cancer my family has encouraged me and fought even harder than myself at times but throughout this journey there is still so much love and so many good people left in the world and I was unable to see that until I began the fight of my life. We thought about nothing like that this whole weekend, it was a cancer free weekend!! Tara started us out with the sunset dolphin cruise the day we arrived and we saw so many dolphins which was a great experience to have had because we were so excited to see them from a distance and the sunset was unbelievably beautiful. Tara set it up perfectly because the dolphins were a hit the night before so the dolphin encounter at the Clearwater marine aquarium was so much more incredible to them because they were touching one now. My kids have been all smiles and are still talking about it. Everyone at the aquarium treated us so special like royalty they were so kind. They did an interview with us afterwords where I learned stuff from my kids that I didn't know and we were given copies of the movies signed by sawyer and three dolphins signed by him as well. My children will never forget this. The highlight for myself was meeting the two beautiful people that made this possible for me Kerri you who are so beautiful that even god gave you the sweetest voice to go with it. You came to meet me In person which made my day and then Jon I felt unworthy just being in his presence. He's such an inspiration and such an amazing man and has made something so terrible something that is just so unbelievably terrible and made it a positive experience for others he is My hero for sure (no cape needed).

It was so nice for him to come meet me and it just meant so much To me. The rest of that day was spent at the beach and we went fishing off the pier which was awesome. Clearwater beach is so beautiful it has the whitest sand I've ever seen in my life and the water is super warm it is perfect.

The next morning we got ready to go parasailing it was great it was better than we could have ever imagined.. then we went to the beautiful pool at the resort and back to the beach. It was the perfect day and then we got Ready for our photo shoot with our photographer jommy, she was amazing we all loved her she did a great job and now I feel like my kids won't forget me or the best trip we have been on in our life. Evan made Levi the ambassador of the sunset celebration cannon lighting ritual which is part of there nightly sunset celebration and he got to light the cannon which he had been so excited about since day one that is all we heard about. He did a great job and jommy captured the perfect photo of it. Our trip was amazing from beginning to end. Everyone Was so kind all of the people We encountered were great we can't say thank you enough and we will always hold a special Place in our hearts for you guys. Thank you to everyone that played a role in making this happen for my family and I.

Thank you seems so generic and not enough for all that was done for us. We will forever be greatful, and it will be a dear memory to us always!!

All our love, gratitude and appreciation,
The Danclovic Family