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Michael D. Donald: 9/23/1951 - 2/13/2013


To All Who Made It Possible

Our family would like to extend an enormous Thank You I We are very grateful to each and everyone involved in providing our family with such an awesome get a way to Nashville Tennessee. It was a wonderful break away from everyday life as we have come to know it. It was heart warming to see our family relax and smile and have a few days of what use to be normal before this ugly disease , Liver Cancer , that my husband has been fighting for almost 2 years.

Our 2 girls , Whitney and Bayley , enjoyed every minute of this trip. Bayley is presently taking guitar lessons and really took it all In at the recording studio. Since our return , she has talked about one day having a dress like Carrie Underwood and. Taylor Swift from the Country Music Hall of Fame. Got to love her! Whitney enjoyed the Food !!! And having room service along with housekeeping picking up behind her. Along with taking in a little side shopping on her own.
The trip was very enjoyable. My husband enjoyed the Tour of the Stars Homes. He loved having someone drive him around to enjoy site seeing without having to stress in traffic. Lol.

I must enclose about one experience we had on our very last day there. WE were resting in our room when we were directed to head down stairs at the hotel due to a tornado warning… What a way to end the trip! This was a true unbelievable ending to an almost perfect trip!!! Good news is.. We were okay and the hotel handled the situation with great ease. Woo Hoo…. Again.. We would like to thank each and everyone that made this trip happen. Thank you so much for a lifetime of a grand memory to look back upon . May you be blessed for your kindness extended to our family and many others whom you all help to have a break from illnesses that effect our families!

Warmest Wishes to you all,
The Donald Family