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Brittany Faire: 1984 - 2018

Faire Family
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Thank You Voice Message

I honestly have no idea how to thank you and the Jack and Jill Foundation enough for giving our family a chance to make such wonderful memories on our trip to San Diego. We spent so much time laughing and having fun and just enjoying each others presences.We also forgot all about the "c" word while we were gone!!

We went straight to the hotel from the airport to check in. We got all checked in, had our picture taken as a family and went to our room! The room was all set up with lots of yummy goodies for our family to enjoy!I could have just cried!! It seemed like it was all just so much, so extravagant for our little ol' family. We decided to head on to the zoo after dumping off our luggage!!

We didn't spend as much time at the zoo as we would have liked because after a 3+ hour flight, I was plenty exhausted so we took the guided tour bus around the zoo and enjoyed what we were able to spend time seeing! We actually learned a lot about the zoo by taking the bus!!

Sea World was beyond amazing. It was honestly my favorite part of the entire trip. We got to go behind the scenes and play with the dolphins. I got to hold a baby penguin (I'm so mad at myself because my camera card was full and I didn't realize it so I didn't get my picture with the penguin!! BOOOOO!). We touched jelly fish, and cleaner shrimp, fed a sea otter named Pumpkin. It was just all so amazing. Our behind the scenes tour guide, Shawn, she was AMAZING!! Sooooo personable and sweet!! Just a genuinely good person. She really spent a lot of time walking us around and talking to us about all of the animals! The kids had a blast too!! They even got little back packs with goodies in them!

Then, LEGOLAND.... Before we even got there, the boys were already telling us all of their dreams were coming true because they were getting to go to LEGOLAND. They had so much fun! Renate was amazing and she hooked the boys up with all kinds of goodies!! She even made our family an ornament for our Christmas tree!! The boys rode rides and enjoyed looking at all the awesome structures and things!! They were just in heaven!! We hit up the model shop and got to actually talk to one of the builders. Dennis was full of questions for him! HAHA!! The boys had a blast seeing where all of the models were built. Drew rode his very first roller coaster there at LEGOLAND! Cooper enjoyed several rides as well!!

After LEGOLAND, we found time to head down to La Jolla Beach!! It was amazing!! I, of course, had to stick my feet in the Pacific Ocean!!

This trip was just so amazing and we absolutely appreciated every single thing that you and the JAJF have done for our family!! Again, I honestly do not know how to even begin to say thank you for all you've done! This has been such a blessing!!

I still have a ton of pictures to download! How many of them would you like me to send to you?? I even have videos I can try to send you! I also uploaded them to my Facebook page if you'd like to add me on there if you have a Facebook page!!

Brittany R. Faire