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Anne P. Fordham: 2/12/1966 - 11/6/2011


To everyone involved in the Fordham Family WOW experience.

WOW! What an incredible foundation that is so passionate about making memorable moments for cancer patients and their families. A special thanks to my dear sister who is a social worker and has dedicated a majority of her career to cancer patients and their personal needs for referring me to Jack and Jill Foundation. To my family who have run marathons and dedicated walks to this cause. Of course, my family was devastated when we received new of my late stage cancer diagnosis. The Jack and Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation, all the generous corporate and private donors allowed our family a relaxing, memorable vacation from the devastating effects of cancer.
Thanks you Heidi Cohen and staff for arranging every detail of our experience.

To see the excitement and joy on my son’s face was so touching on the day our itinerary arrived. My son was so thrilled. He was elated to have his own room joining our suite at the Sheraton Hotel. “Awesome, I’m going to lock you out and call my friends.” “That’s me”. “I’m serious.”
Thank you Park ‘N Fly and Tony Paaiz for your generous complimentary parking certificate for up to 10 days at the Atlanta Airport.
First, we arrived at the Atlanta Airport for our flight to LAX. Thank you Air Tran for providing our roundtrip flight. The staff of Air Tran was wonderful and accommodated all of our needs. My son enjoyed seeing the meteor crater and the gorgeous snow capped mountains and all the beautiful topography from the airplane window seat. So fitting since he is in sixth grade studying earth science.

My sincere thanks to Dream Limousine, Edward and staff. We were so spoiled and enjoyed our luxurious transportation around Los Angeles. I sincerely missed you when 1 returned home.
The Sheraton Staff catered to our every need. Thank you for the incredible service. My son was asking if people live in hotels and was ready to take up permanent residence. I think he has watched too many episodes of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. The food provided was incredible every day, and was so fresh and healthy. We enjoyed the attached Bally’s Fitness Center and Shopping Mall with a Macy’s.

Our trip to Universal Studios was incredible. Thank you Dream Limousine for transporting us in style. My son loved the thrilling rides (Simpsons, Jurassic Park, Mummy Ride). The shows were incredible. The House of Horrors got a thrill out of listening to my screams. We loved the Studio Tour. When we approached the line, we had purchased 2 front of the line passes and would take turns since there were 3 of us, the attendant directed us to the Front of the Line and I stated that we only had 2 front of the line passes. She handed me a Front of the Line pass and stated “You deserve to be in Front of the Line.” Ingrid and Bob were our studio tour guides and were very knowledgeable and entertaining. We loved seeing the studio sets, Wysteria Lane, Norman Bates, the earthquake recreation, stunt cars, World of Wars plane crash. The tour was amazing.

Eddie with VIP tours of LA was so much fun. He was deliteful. We loved Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Rodeo Drive. The Farmers Market and our and Eddies favorite—Johnny Rockets for an amazing hamburger and juke box favorites for 5 cents. We loved seeing the Walk of Fame, Chinese Theater, and they were setting up for a premiere of the Movie Red. We ended our day by taking the Los Angeles transit bus to the Santa Monica Pier. My son loved the roller coaster over the ocean, The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, and we were able to watch the Braves and Giants Game.

Finally, we are so grateful to have been the receipients of such a generous gift. We will always treasure this experience and it’s the memories that children need to cope with this devastating disease. Thanks for Kodak Memory Book. It’s a gift that my family will always treasure.

Tom, Anne, and my precious 11 year old son Zach