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Edward L. Gardner: 4/6/1960 - 2/28/2013


I would like to thank the Jack & Jill foundation for the wonderful trip provided to our family. The trip could not have came at a better time. On April 6 Ed’s birthday he was very dizzy had a horrible headache and very sick to his stomach. I had made plans for his birthday but due to his illness we could not go. The next Monday we went to the doctor and found out the colon cancer was now in his brain. This was yet another devastating blow to our family. It seems somehow that we always get devastating news on special dates. We found out Ed had colon and liver cancer on our two year anniversary.

About 6 weeks later I received a phone call from Mary at the Cancer Center, she had submitted our names to you. We were so excited as we had not had a vacation since the diagnosis and it was a great feeling knowing that our family was being thought of. I was so thankful and over whelmed by the news I had to cry as I told my boss about your generosity.
The next challenge was would Ed be able to go. He had a set back in June but he overcame and we were able to go.

The trip to Orlando was great. Luke our 4 year old loved the plane ride. He loved Rainforest Cafe. Seaworld was great, of course we forgot where we parked and were drenched in the rain, it was funny. We enjoyed a relaxing swim at our hotel after the long hot day at Seaworld. The hotel was beautiful everyone was very polite and friendly. The girls in the Citron Cafe decided Luke needed ice cream which is his favorite.

Legoland was also so much fun Luke went on all the rollercoasters twice. We had so much fun and it gave us time together as a family. I also would like to thank Delta for the great plane rides during the hurricane. The last great thing that happened was as we were getting off the last flight in Fort Wayne the pilot turned and greeted Luke. He said come on buddy would you like to fly the plane and of course Luke jumped right up on his lap. And of course he put his hands on the steering wheel and the pilot took the time to explain buttons and gauges to him, which was great and thoughtful. I wish I would have taken a picture of this.

Thank-You so much for the great time and the memories. Everyone who made this happen God will truly bless your generosity.Philipians 4:13.

Gardner Family