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Victoria A. Gillespie: 6/29/1981 - 6/27/2009



Thank you, all yourJack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation friends, and involved partners for wonderful days in the mountains. While the event was a great time, the real benefits were for Greg and Sara!

Roy Swartzberg and his family were very kind in providing their wonderful mountainside house! Seeing the deer roaming the woods immediately around the house was tremendous. And that sight was only part of the relaxation and evening place we called “home.”

Sheri’s Health Club boat rental was very relaxing. Winding around the lake’s islands created the start to an adventures day.

Amicalola Falls State park made for a nice northern excursion. It has been many years since we have been to the park, yet the arrival created immediate, as well as new, memories.

Both Trevi Pizzeria and Amicalola Falls State Park And Lodge provided wonderful dinners! Caty was quite friendly at Trevi’s and the Amicalola Mountain view both presented good food for the hunger built by our days.

Heidi, these few days gave us plenty of exercise, exquisite mountain and water viewpoints, and truly family time to help all, particularly Greg, bring relaxation into life! Again, we are most grateful to all in bringing this together.

Heidi, again, thank you and all involved for your kindness!

All the best,

Cathie Gillispie