To whom it may concern,

I cannot begin to express how much we appreciate the Jack and Jill foundation and everyone that made our trip to Seattle possible. It was more then a vacation for my family and I. It was a wonderful time to bring our family together and create lasting memories. Cancer takes more then your health away from you, it also steals from the ones you hold dear. This vacation gave back to us a sense of purpose and brought us closer together. Besides being pampered like rock stars at the W hotel, everyone that we came across treated us wonderfully. The airline we flew with, Southwest airlines, was wonderful in dealing with my special needs and the needs of my family. It was the first time my son had flown and stewardesses made his trip fun. The driver service that picked us up and back to the airline was prompt, very clean, and so posh. I must also thank the W hotel for the lovely time we spent there. They truly went all out for us. The cute little shaving kit, I love Washington beanie baby and seal puppet my son absolutely adores. The food the W hotel served was out of this world. I have never ate so well. They also were so kind and courteous to us, it made us feel like was were on top of the world. The city passes enabled us to travel around the city and see wonderful sites, like the space needle. My thanks and gratitude to everyone that made our vacation possible. Thank you for the gift of this trip and all it entailed. The Jack and Jill foundation I want to especially thank for providing us with all this for us. You helped this terrible and trying time in our lives be happier and full of purpose. It is easy to lose yourself in the wonderful town of Seattle with all its wonderful and colorful sites and sounds.

With much love and appreciation,
Veronica Goodman and family