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Charlotte E. Haley: 5/26/1955 - 3/10/2010


Dear Heidi,

Where do I begin? Heidi we had a wonderful time in New Orleans. What a beautiful grand city she is. Thank you for the Jack and Jill Foundation. I know it must be the beat of your heart. You are an angel to work so hard and bless so many. Thank you for your hand in all the coordinating of our wonderful trip and flights.

We want to thank Nikki Harris at the Sheraton New Orleans. Nikki was like a Guardian Angel. She coordinated all our adventures and checked on us to make sure that there was nothing we were in need of. Her attention to every detail really showed. Because of her we had a wonderful time, awesome experiences, and fell in love with New Orleans.

The staff at Sheraton New Orleans really treated us like Kings & Queens from the moment we arrived. Anytime we called for room service or the concierge desk or for advice in general everyone was very knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. Our room was beyond awesome and far beyond our expectations. What an incredible view we had of the city and the mighty Mississippi!

My husband and sons thoroughly enjoyed the welcome platter that the Sheraton New Orleans provided for us. Especially because it contained Zapp chips! These are their favorite chips in the world. I can’t tell how ecstatic they were when they saw them!

The food at the Roux Bistro was delicious. Some of our favorite New Orleans food was on the menu. And the desserts were yummy. Room service was just as good. The staff was always welcoming and courteous. Great service indeed!

The Aquarium was really fantastic. There were so many interesting and beautiful creatures there. It was relaxing to stroll thru at our leisure. I don’t know whom to thank for it but it was so special and well designed.

The tour on the Steamboat Natchez was a highlight for me, as I have always wanted to travel down the Mississippi on a steamboat ever since I was a child, a dream come true. My men loved the trip too. The tour guide really knew her stuff. And the Calliope was also great, an instrument I dearly love. In fact, on the day we left as I was alone packing in the room I was stopped by it’s music lilting through the air. I was able to see the Natchez from our bedroom window and watch the steam escape as the Calliope played, very cool!

We want to thank Bob at the Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro for a great night. He greeted us and took us straight to our table to enjoy the evening’s performance. It was a side of New Orleans that only the locals get to see. We felt very welcomed.

We didn’t get the name of the manager of Huck Finn CafĂ© but we would definitely like to thank her for her hospitality and delicious complimentary lunch. My men chowed down some of the best food in New Orleans. As my son Tres would say, the staff was “uber” kind.

The highlight of our trip was the Super City Grayline Tour. Our guide was OUTSTANDING! Didn’t get his name either. He was a black man in his 50’s probably. What a wonderful teacher he was. He knew everything from the history of New Orleans to the current trends to the locations of everything. He was funny and informative with that Southern charm that New Orleans is famous for. We really fell in love the whole city because of him. There is so much more to it than we ever knew.

Our drivers both from and to the airport were phenomenal another example of New Orleans southern hospitality. They answered all our touristy questions and made us feel like family. They too treated us as VIP’s making sure that we didn’t lift a finger.

Lastly, we’d like to thank the City of New Orleans because we always felt safe and welcome. The trolleys were efficient and fun to ride. They are such a part of the history and charm of this great town. We’re glad they are maintained and their operators are so patient with tourists. The police were present but never obtrusive. That’s not easy in town so large. We are so glad we chose to visit New Orleans.

May the holidays be a blessing to you are your family Heidi. As much a blessing as you have been to us. Happy Hanukkah/Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!


Marty, Charlie, Travis and Tres