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Brandon Hora: 4/2/1981 - 3/28/2012


To everyone that made our dream come true;

My family is forever grateful to have had the opportunity to go some place truly magical. Being able to escape from our cancer journey for an entire week felt like an eternity. The last two years living with cancer has forced our family to find a new normal. This journey through cancer has required patience, understanding and accpetance that we are not in control of what our future holds. My husband was 28yrs old at diagnosis and our young family had just begun. We felt robbed of so many joys in life. With the help of the Jack and Jill foundation, Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios, we were able to steal a piece of our life back. Whether we were enjoying the breath taking site of the Magic Kingdom, or feeding the dolphins at Sea World, and lets not forget, tackling the Rock-it at Universal. It was all so magical and light hearted. For one week cancer didn’t have a place in our lives or in our childrens lives. We laughed until we cried. We inhaled the soothing laughs of our children as they explored so many new things. Their senses were overwhelmed with excitement as they explored all of the beauty that came with each place we visited. For that, Brandon and I are eternally grateful. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Your acts of kindness have changed lives. I know ours are forever changed. the memories we have will remain in our hearts forever.

Thank you
The Hora Family