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Sofie W. Hosford: 5/21/1970 - 3/21/2012


Hi Heidi,

I cannot thank you enough for everything you did in planning our family trip to DC!! I also want to thank any companies involved with in-kind donations on our behalf – specifically the W Hotel in Washington, Southwest Airlines, and Open Top Sightseeing.

Words cannot describe how wonderful we were treated at the W Hotel. We were provided with an AMAZING suite next to the White House and Treasury buildings. Our girls were thrilled to have their very own adjacent room. Our oldest daughter, who is 8, especially loved walking around the room in her very own hotel room robe. Our family has traveled a bit and stayed in some pretty decent hotels. None, however, were on the scale of the W Hotel. It was especially meaningful because, although I am an attorney, I am applying for Social Security Disability because I am presently unable to work. Thus, fancy trips like this are not otherwise available to us as we will be experiencing a downturn in income. Our spacious accommodations at the W allowed us plenty of space to rest from our daily sightseeing excursions. We completely and totally exhausted ourselves every day.

We would also like to thank all involved in making our arrangements for the White House and Capitol tours. We all agreed that the White House tour was our favorite of all.

The last night of our trip, Geoff and I hired a babysitter for some adult time in the Rooftop Terrace, where kids were not allowed in the evening. It was completely amazing up there! We saw the White House all lit up at night, as well as the Washington and Jefferson Monuments. That was very special. We were provided our own window seats and complimentary binoculars to enjoy the view. Geoff and I felt like royalty! Although we were supposed to pay for our alcoholic beverages that we enjoyed that night, the hotel refused to take our money. I was shocked and impressed by the generosity of the W Hotel, in particular, as well as their staff. We enjoyed wonderful meals at the W Hotel and our daughters noted that their hot chocolates were the best that they had ever had!

I have forwarded the camera back to you and we are excited to see our pictures when developed.

Again, I don’t even feel that my words express our gratitude. What special experiences the Jack and Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation provides! I am spreading the word to other survivors and doctors in order to help others benefit from the exciting work that you do.

Thanks again! I will probably call you soon to leave a voicemail as well.