Hello Heidi,

I wanted to take the chance to thank you and everyone that had a part in our family trip to San Diego.

Southwest treated us real well and had a wheelchair for me at each stop on our way. They allowed me to pre-board, which made it easier to get a seat.
It worked out nicely to meet Chantel in Las Vegas.

When we arrived at the Westin we were treated like royalty. We were greeted by Alyssa and her staff. All of the staff at the Westin were friendly and helpful, they all knew who we were and took very good care of us. Tim and Alyssa went over our itinerary, which was full of great adventures.

Our room was spacious with a dining area, living room and an adjoining room for the boys as well as an adjoining room for the girls. Our suite was upstairs, It had a beautiful view of the city, a large jacuzzi tub and king size bed. The beds were heavenly. It was difficult to get out of the bed after getting in. We loved the room, it was very comfortable.

The food was incredible! From the smoothies that they greeted us with to our last meal, it was all delicious. The menu was fantastic. Everyone could find something that they liked. One evening we were given an unbelievable meal cooked by the chef and delivered to our room. It was a feast with steak and seafood, salads and vegetables. The deserts were beautiful and tasted as good as they looked. We all filled ourselves to the brim and still had a lot of food left. Thanks to chef Andy for such a great dining experience.

We were able to take a Trolley Tour around the city of San Diego. We had a great tour guide Kaye. He was funny and told some great stories of the area. This was a great way for us to see what San Diego had to offer in a short period of time. It allowed us to know what we wanted to go back and see. We enjoyed our time on the trolley.

Sea World filled our day with fun and lots of new things that we had not done. Carol spent a couple of hours with us. She showed us sharks that were getting ready to hatch and we were able to touch a shark. My favorite part was being able to feed the dolphins, touch them, and give them a kiss. We also were able to see and touch penguins and feed the sea turtles. Carol showed us many new things at Sea World. She is very knowledgeable. She gave us ideas and suggestions on how to spend the remainder of our day. We had an amazing day at Sea World.

We had an opportunity of a lifetime by being able to tour the USS Albuquerque. We were told by a couple of former navy men that this was an experience that very few have an opportunity to do. Marc was a great host and tour guide. He allowed us to look through the periscope, sit at the control panels and see the training torpedoes. We were able to see all of the areas that were not restricted. It was so interesting to see what life would be like on a submarine. It gives us a whole new respect for those who serve our country, in the Navy. A special thank you goes out to all of them.

The tour of the bay was very relaxing. It had been a cold day and it was nice to be inside with a cup of hot chocolate and to see the south end of the bay. Our guide had also served in the navy and as we passed by many ships he was able to tell us about each of them. This gave us a whole new seaside view of the city.

One evening we ate at Urban bar and grill. Our server, Jason was awesome. He had great suggestions from the menu and shared his favorite items. We each ordered a different entree and all of it was delicious. One of their specials, escolar, a fish dish, was so delectable. We all tried it and loved it. The hospitality at this restaurant was terrific. We would eat at the Urban bar and grill again.

Our last day in San Diego we met David at La Jolla Beach. David works as a bartender at the Westin. He is also a very good photographer. He and Stephen spent more than two hours with us shooting family photos. We had fun on this gorgeous beach, taking in all it’s beauty, walking in the sand and spending the morning together as a family. David captured some great moments that will take us back to San Diego each time that we look at them.

As we left the Westin we were presented with a final gift. A perfect photo album with scrapbook pages, made to fit all of the adventures that we had. Our family was touched by the generosity of each person that we came in contact with.

Our Wow experience was one that we will never forget. We made new friends, and even if we do not see them again, they will be in our hearts forever.
Thank you for allowing our family to have this time together.
May your lives be blessed for all that you have done for us and others.

Theresa Hyde