So simply said – but, so heartfully felt … thank you!

You cannot imagine how much the day meant to our family. It was a day that honored my children for their unconditional love, support and bravery since my diagnosis nearly five years ago. For that, I am forever grateful.

Cancer is unbelievably complex. Every patient reacts a little differently, both biologically and psychologically. The only constant in cancer is inconstancy; the only certainty is a future of uncertainty. Unfortunately, it profoundly affects every member of the family. It is a road that no child should ever have to endure … a road of endless heartache and anguish in its purest form.

Thank you so much for honoring my children and giving us a day of “normal” … a day of laughs and wonderful memories that they will hold with them forever.

A special thank you to Chris, our limousine driver and to Erica Newsome of the Brave’s organization … the day could not have been more enjoyable!!

With endless gratitude,

Jane M. Kerns