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Michael Langlais: 1962 - 2018


Thank You Voice Message

Dear Michelle,

Thank you so very much for everything you did for our family this weekend.  You truly went above and beyond—the huge gift basket, a lot of fun activities, delicious meals, coins to play games, friendly tour guides, and more.  What touched our hearts deepest is your act of kindness and love behind all the above.  Everybody we met was very kind.  this goes to all the employees at Wyndham Bentley Brook, your business partners, families and friends, and beyond.  The connections with all those people made our vacation so special and memorable.

The best way for us to thank you, we think is, for Mike to completely recover from cancer and we come visit you at Wyndham again.  My apologies for this electronic thank you note.  Please know that your kindness meant a great deal to us. Give our sincere thanks to everybody who helped us.  Hope to see you all soon!

Mike, Yuka, Raina, Erica, and Eden

P.S. Tell Jerry that we LOVED his chocolate.  They are all gone.  My favorite was white with hazelnuts…