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Jodi L. Lawman: 3/1/1980 - 6/4/2015


Dear Jack and Jill Foundation,

This letter is in response to the sponsored trip that our family took from March 10th to March 17th. I apologize for the lateness of this thank you letter, it has been a busy few months for our family, and we are finally getting back to some sort of normal life now. Our family would like to thank all those that donated not only their amenities, products, and money, but also the time that was spent to accommodate our family during the trip. There were so many people involved, it is hard to thank them all one by one. My wife Jodi, who the trip was in response to, was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma in April of 2010. She has had multiple surgeries and has been on multiple medications, which the cancer has always seemed to find a way around. At the time of the trip, we had just found out that the chemotherapy that Jodi was on (experimental) was no longer working. Jodi was not feeling very well at all and the cancer had spread into her lower intestines and was blocking some of her liver function. We had one more medication to try, but it would be two weeks before we could try it and the doctors were not very optimistic about this medication working. Our oncologist thought it would be the time to take the trip because he didn't know if there would be another chance.

The trip to Orlando was thought to be our on last trip as a complete family. We had an absolute blast on the trip. Jodi felt pretty good for most of the trip, she had to have some extra rest here and there, but the folks at the Reunion Resort made sure that she had everything she needed as well as our two children Tommy (11) and Rilynn (7), and myself. The Reunion Resort showed why they are a top notch resort facility, and we would like to express our gratitude to the manager of the facility as well as the host and chef from the top floor restaurant. They treated us like celebrities, it was completely over the top and we still talk about it to this day. The extra days that you allowed us to stay at no additional charge was a class act and I was taken aback by your gracious act. Thank you for all you did. Universal studios was a blast, the kids loved all the rides and to see all the sites. Jodi was able to go one day to Universal and the pass that we received to bypass the long lines was what let Jodi enjoy herself. Without that pass, there is no way we would have been able to see everything in the amount of time that we did. It allowed Jodi to get the rest needed by not standing in line for every ride and attraction. Our family still talks about the dolphin swim and snorkeling at Discovery Cove. Truly an amazing place. The dolphin swim was a chilly one that day, I think the temperature was around 55 degrees, but being tough Iowa folks, we took it in stride. The smiles and enjoyment from my family was priceless.

This was an amazing experience. Something I do not think I could have gave my family without your help, and we are truly grateful. We also visited Sea World on our trip. Another amazing place, that we have had the opportunity to visit before, but with each trip to now both Sea World's within the United States, we can't wait for the opportunity to visit any chance we get. From the car rental facility of Budget, and the airline of Frontier, we thank you for the generous donations of the use of your services. You probably do not get thanked enough and get lost in the adventures that families have during and after the use of your services, but we could not have had our experiences without your services. I would like to send a special thank you to Heidi Cohen, the representative that helped us in our trip. Heidi was gracious and went above and beyond what she needed to do to make this trip an incredible experience for me and my family.

Thank you Heidi. Jodi is responding well to the new treatment. Her cancer is not gone, but it is dissipating. The new treatment is working. Right now Jodi is feeling better than she has felt in about 8 months. She is still not able to work, or be as active as she would like, but we are moving in the right direction. She even went golfing this week for the first time since her last major surgery and all these new treatments that have worn her out. I think that this trip has something to do with her response to this new medication. This trip helped us all find that second wind, and the strength to keep fighting this cancer in our lives. From the bottom of the Lawman family's heart,

THANK YOU. We can't say it enough