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Fawn Lee: 12/8/1975 - 1/25/2017


Hi Heidi,

I hope this is the right email to you. We just got back from our family San Diego WOW! experience vacation and we had an amazing time! We can’t thank you, the donors and the organization enough for this incredible experience. Thank you so much for arranging the airline tickets, the hotel, the rental, the meal vouchers and passes to LegoLand and Seaworld. The Carlsbad Sheraton hotel was spectacular! It was a stunning hotel, full of luxury and so convenient with its own private entrance to the LegoLand gate! We, the kids, had so much fun and shared so many wonderful memories together. It was an wonderful, lifetime experience, full of joy and happiness. The kids were blown away with everything, the shows, the lego displays, the rides, the pool, the airplane ride, and everything! Thank you so much for this experience and gift! We are forever thankful and humbled for this WOW! experience!

We will definitely ask our friends and family to extend their donations to the organization. Again, thank you so much for this incredible WOW experience!

Fawn Lee and Family