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Gabriela Lopez: 9/29/1975 - 2009


Dear Heidi,

I want to thank your organization for all your effort for having provided for our family this wonderful Marriott vacation. We were received graciously by all of the staff. We received a wonderful welcome package and were delighted by the beautiful accommodations. My sister not only received a little bit or luxury, buther children felt pampered by the entire facility. They enjoyed the pool, the views, the concierge service and well as their all time high being able to order room service. Jordan had the biggest smile of all having always dreamed of being able to order room service.

I cannot express in words what this meant to Gabriela and her children. She smiled and laughed and was so happy to have had the opportunity to take this mini vacation. The Marriott’s location allowed other family members to drop by and spend time with Gabriela.

It is through your wonderful organization that this was possible. I also want to acknowledge the staff at the Marriott who made our stay there special. Even the gupi Phin, who was sent by the staff, to kept the kids busy made them smile.

We were able to enjoy the marina and stroll by the park and walk around the park. The kids were able to enjoy the pool and swim and just be kids without any worries. We took many wonderful pictures to remember the getaway. Please express our gratutide to all of those who took part in planning this vacation.

Once again thank you for having provided us with the best gift ever a moment away from all of the other distractions of the cancer.

With deepest gratitude,

Gabriela Lopez (mom)