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Allison Lyrberg: 4/29/1962 - 2/25/2008



I would like to thank the Jack and Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation, the Sheraton Suites Hotel, Zoo Atlanta and the Georgia Aquarium for a WONDERFUL getaway! It was so nice to spend time together as a family without having to worry about doctor’s appointments, bills and test results. We all truly enjoyed ourselves and I am so

The staff at the Sheraton was so nice and courteous. My daughters could not believe that we had four TVs in our room and they loved ordering room service and movies. We even let them stay up late and order chocolate cake while we all watched a movie together. They also really enjoyed the indoor/outdoor pool. We really enjoyed our stay there.

We have been to the Zoo Atlanta many times, but the VIP tour let us see the zoo in a whole new way. All the staff members were very informative and they answered any and all questions we had about the animals. The real star of our visit was Kelly the elephant. The girls loved feeding her and have not stopped talking about her. They also enjoyed meeting Rosie the rhinoceros.

The girls and I have visited the Georgia Aquarium before, but my husband had never been so they had a blast showing him around. Our favorite is still the Beluga whales and we also really enjoyed watching the River Otters. As always the aquarium was a real treat.

Thanks to everyone again for a wonderful time. I cannot express how much it means to have these memories.


Allison Lyrberg