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We would like to take this opportunity to THANK all that had a part in ourWOW! Experience TM weekend. I must say it was a “wonderful” weekend! Starting with everyone at the Grand Hyatt; the staff was exceptionally nice from the time we arrived on Friday until we left on Sunday. We ate dinner and breakfast both days down at Cassis. The staff there was very considerate of Hunter and Halie. I know that the restaurant is a very extravagant/elegant setting however; they made my kids feel very welcome. They made sure they got their food first. They served them ice cream with faces made out of M&M’s. Hunter and Halie got a kick out of that. They opened the doors to the patio so that they could go in and out as they pleased. They took very good care of us. The food at Cassis was outstanding. Again, thank you for all that the Grand Hyatt did, you all are above the rest in a class of your own.

We arrived at the Zoo Saturday morning a little earlier than scheduled. It was impossible to keep Hunter and Halie under control due to their overwhelming excitement. I had talked to them for the past 2 weeks about going to the zoo. Every morning leading up to Saturday, they both asked me if that was day we were going to the zoo. I would always tell them how many days we had left. Ok, so Saturday morning got here, they woke up with smiles on their faces. They could not wait to see the animals. They were both like little windup toys but their little turn mechanism had broken off. So, we got into the gate and let them run around until Duane arrived. I must say having Duane there was amazing. (Thank you so much Duane for your time. It was great having you with us.) To be followed and have him capturing the looks on my kids faces seeing all the animals. At times they were just so amazed; they would stand still and just watch the animals. Being able to have all 4 of us in pictures, we will look back on these for years to come. Duane I hope Hunter didn’t drive you too crazy. I know he talked your ears off but thanks for being so understanding. Again, the kids had so much fun at the zoo. At the end of our day we had one last thing to do. That was to feed the elephants!!!! I had talked to the kids about this leading up to Saturday. We walked into the exhibit where the elephants were being washed. The kids were amazed. I know they didn’t expect to be that close to something so Large! They were very hesitant of feeding her. However, I will say I enjoyed the experience! Letting Tara eat of my hands, ok I must say it was a little messy but an experience of a lifetime. Once my kids saw that Tara would eat the food off the floor they were asking to throw her food to her. So, the zoo keeper allowed them to throw the whole bucket. After feeding the elephants, I was very surprised that Lori Perkins added a little more to our visit than we expected. She actually took us behind the scenes and allowed us to meet the lions up close and personal. Well, not to personal Hunter said he didn’t want to be eaten for lunch. Again, the kids were in amazement. They have not quit talking about all of this. At the end of the day the kids had to call their grandmother to tell her about their day. I only wish I would have thought earlier to get the video camera out. The excitement in their voices brought tears to my eyes. They were going on and on about their day and they were so excited that at times it was very hard to understand them. Thanks again to all the zoo employees and Duane Stork for making our day one that we will remember for years to come!

On Sunday, we visited the Georgia Aquarium. This day too was a very enjoying day. We were able to watch the otters wake up. The kids were front side viewing of the morning feeding of the sea lions. They really had a great time enjoying all the fish. They were kind of reluctant about touching all the animals but they got a kick out of seeing Jason and I touching all of them.

Again, I would like to THANK everyone who helped in making our weekend both exciting and memorable; one that Hunter and Halie will think about, talk about and remember for years to come.

The Marsh Family