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Cynthia Marshall: 5/14/1974 - 4/11/2013



I was just sitting here on this cool relaxing day, getting a free pampered manicure and pedicure when all of a sudden a load of feelings took over me. I felt a mixture of gratitude, love and appreciation. The laughter shared with my children, the wonderful conversations among the amazing workers here at La Paloma and I, even my husband confessed that he had never been so relaxed; I was simply overwhelmed with joy. Thank you Jack and Jill for resuscitating my life again. I’ve been so sick for so long that I began to feel as if I was digging my own grave. Who knew it was possible to be alive but feel dead at the same time? I am grateful of you giving me a sense of life, I am now able to breathe again. We would all like to say thank you to the foundation and all of it’s sponsors that granted our family the privilege to see what’s out there on the other side. You all are our genie in a bottle. I believe in fairy tales and dreams do come true. i know that this is the start of my dream coming true and ending it cancer free is still a tangible reality.

Thank you always,
The Barksdale-Marshall Family.