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Dear Mr. True,

On behalf of my entire family, we all want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful weekend we spent at your ranch. Our trip was especially enjoyable because it’s been nearly three years since we’ve been able to take a vacation, given my cancer treatment.

My daughters and husband really enjoyed the horseback riding. Kelly and Chrissie also had a lot of fun doing the cattle penning, despite being initially apprehensive. Before we left, the girls and I had the opportunity to groom several horses, including Scooter and Casey. I also appreciated the special arrangements that were made in scheduling my spa treatment. It was my first time receiving one and Susan made it a very calming, relaxing experience. Chrissie told me, “I’d give the ranch five stars out of a five-star rating. Can we go back on spring break??” I think this experience has gotten the girls very excited about horseback riding because they want to take lessons near our home.

We sincerely appreciate your generosity in making our visit a pleasurable weekend for us.


Jill Meyer