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Charles A. Morris: 2/23/1950 - 12/23/2008


Hello Heidi,

I wanted to send you a big THANK YOU. The last two days have been absolutely incredible for the Morris family. So many times I will catch my kids looking at their Dad with a somber look of concern, especially the boys. It has been such a wonderful thing to see them and Tony smile and enjoying each other and the events you so graciously planned for us.

It is almost midnight and everyone is in bed. The boys, however, are not asleep. They are too excited. I can hear them talking. We all had such a wonderful time tonight. The Amy Grant and Vince Gill concert was beautiful and quaint. Tony loved how they talked about their family during the concert. And oh, what a treat… meeting Amy and Vince was something we will always remember. They were both so down-to-earth and hospitable. Sam (14) was so nervous he was sweating. Charlie (11) takes piano and could only talk about how he met “real musicians.” Nikki loved Amy’s version of “Jingle Bells.” It was very up-beat
and fast…just like her. Everyone at the Fox was very helpful and friendly. John Huie and all those working with Amy Grant and Vince Gill made us all feel special. Amy Grant and Vince Gill were very generous and allowed us to choose souvenirs from the merchandise table. Nikki and I got T-shirts and a Christmas CD, the boys got Vince Gill guitar picks and Tony got a Vince Gill hat.

The Falcons game on Sunday was memorable on so many levels. One…the limo ride and Mike the driver were awesome. Mike was so helpful and caring. Two…the Falcons won!!! Three…being able to go on the sidelines was such a once in a lifetime treat for us all, and four…we had great seats and had a great meal in the Owner’s Lounge. The boys and Tony have really enjoyed showing off their autographed Falcon’s memorabilia. Absolutely everyone was kind and helpful to us.

We do not get out much lately and and I guess cancer and chemo treatments consume our daily lives. I believe I must have forgotten how kind and caring people can be, but that is what I will remember most about all of this.

Please thank all who were involved in making this happen for my family. We made memories that will never be forgotten and spent some wonderful time together.

And thank you for being so diligent putting all the pieces together.

Be Blessed and Have a Merry Christmas,