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Pamela M. Moultrie: 8/18/1958 - 7/15/2012


I would like to take this time to thank Heidi and all concerned, what you guys did for my family we will never forget. I have always thought of others and wanted to be recognized for my work with foster families. I never thought it would be a diagnosis of cancer that would get me a thank you for all my efforts. You sent so many messages to my children they will always remember the kindness that was given to us. Most of my children had never flown before, something that I could never afford, Thank you. I can go on and on, you have no idea what this trip did to my spirit and my belief that if you live a good and unselfish life you will be rewarded.

Heidi you are the BEST! Please continue doing what you do,(making people happy).

Lots of Love from the Moultrie Family.