Dearest Jack and Jill Foundation:

Thank you so much for the fabulous “WOW” Experience. The trip was amazing from start to finish! Sometimes in life we have experiences which are much worse than you can imagine and sometimes things are so much better. We really saw this lesson during our trip to Useppa.
Just days before we were due to leave, Ian was in the hospital. We did not expect that we would ever be able to make such a trip. However, your careful and thoughtful planning made it all possible. We loved meeting the lovely hosts and staff. Everyone was so kind and helpful. The kids especially loved the limo ride and plane trip. To see their eyes light up and watch their joy was so uplifting for Ian and me.
I watched Ian’s condition improve over our stay in the lovely warm climate. He even smiled from the sheer happiness on the boat ride. During the day, I felt him really come back to us as a family. I was given many priceless opportunities to enjoy the kids 1:1 and that was overdue. I loved getting to be a mom again and not just a caregiver.
We will always treasure our memories of the warm people, beautiful setting, and incredible experiences. Please forward our deepest thanks to everyone who helped make this experience possible. We will remember to always look for the great experiences in life even when faced with the hardest. We will never forget this wonderful trip.

The Nobles