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Heidi, Jon,

I hope all is well with both of you. I feel like I have not thanked you and your organization enough. Since the trip, we have been under a lot of stress. Casey has been pretty sick since we got back through mid January with flu-like symptoms, which have delayed some treatments, but essentially, she was out of commission for about a month. As of last week, she is starting to come back to “normal”. She had her treatment last week and we have 2 more. We tried to keep it low-keyed during the holidays, but inevitably, it was a lot of work. On top of that, I have had to travel more than I would like and my company dropped a bombshell and asked us to relocate to Dallas this Spring. We won a significant account and I will be part of the leadership team (not a bad thing, just one more thing to stress about). And, of course, the kids have an endless number of activities that have kept us busy. That being said (and I’m not complaining), I feel like I haven’t said thank you.

The trip was an incredible experience for us. First of all, the fact that your organization wanted to do this for us and show us the kindness and generosity that you have done is overwhelming. As you may know, not only is this difficult physically for Casey to continue to endure the chemo, it takes an emotional toll on all of us. Casey and I have made the conscious decision to try and maintain a somewhat stable environment for the kids so they don’t have to worry as much, so the burden of enduring this falls on Casey and me. Being able to forget (temporarily) of the hard chemo sessions and just have fun in DC was a wonderful blessing. Second, the time we spent together seeing the sites of DC and especially the program was something the kids will never forget. Not many kids get to me the President, and now my kids have that unique experience. Thank you.

Turner made us feel like true VIPs. They were incredible with the kids as we prepared for the program and helping Natalie get ready for her part. They even sent us a gift basket after the program with 12 DVDs, including a special edition box set of the Harry Potter movies.

We received the book this past week and it was beautiful. I can’t thank you enough for that and it will go up on our display shelves in the family room.

I truly want to thank you for this trip. It was a memory we will never forget. Your generosity was overwhelming and for a few days, our family felt like royalty.

If there is ever anything I can do for the foundation, please let me know. I would be happy to help.

Rob, Casey, Eric, Natalie and Tyler Norr