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ear Heidi, John, Jack and Jill Foundation, and all your wonderful partners,

Thank you so much for our wonderful trip to Los Angeles over Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time! To Southwest Airlines, thank you for making room for us at such a busy time of year. Our daughter is in middle school, so we have to go when school is out.

The Sheraton Downtown Los Angeles was terrific. They gave us a beautiful suite, which makes such a difference when you are traveling with kids. And they treated us to a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner, served in our suit, which we were not expecting at all. The kids really liked the LA Dodgers sweatshirts they left for us, and the “LA tooth fairy” leaving $5 for my son was a great touch. The Sheraton also gave us tickets to the Grammy museum, and we had fun listening to music from all different eras.

We had a blast at Universal Studios. My daughter’s favorite, and mine too, was the studio tour tram ride. The WaterWorld show was completely amazing, and the kids also liked the Animal Actors show. Thanks for the “front of the line passes” – they were really helpful on such a busy day.

The next day was Disneyland – a real highlight. It was the first time for my kids and my husband. I’m not sure my kids have ever heard me scream on the roller coasters like I did there. It was wild watching the Christmas parade in the warm sun with palm trees in the background. My son Alec’s favorite ride was the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. My daughter and I loved Space Mountain. We explored and had dinner in the Downtown Disney area.

We played on the Santa Monica pier, watching surfers and riding rides, and eating while watching the sun set into the ocean — not a common view for us on the East Coast!

We took some great pictures, but very few of them have all four of us, because one of us was always taking the picture, but here is one of all of us on the Santa Monica pier.

Thanks again for all your generosity to us, it was a trip we will all remember for a long time!

The O’Connor Family