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Dear Heidi,

Thank you can not even begin to express how grateful we are for the WOW experience that was provided for our family. I want to send a million thanks to you, The Jack and Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation, Hawaiian Airlines, The Ritz Carlton and every employee of the Ritz that we came in contact with. Especially Lisa who arranged our activities and Kevin, the naturalist who took our kids on an adventure one afternoon and took our entire family snorkeling. Kevin and Lisa went out of their way to make us feel special and cared for. They are both amazing people!

Our time at the Ritz was a perfect experience. We were spoiled and pampered beyond anything we could have imagined. Everything on the property was absolutely beautiful and everyone was all smiles. This gave our family time to relax, breathe and enjoy each other in a way we have not been able to for quite some time. A week of not having to worry about doctor appointments and keeping our family going was priceless. There are truly no words to accurately describe just how wonderful everything was. Thank you again for making such a difference for our family!

We have hope that one day we will be in a position to contribute regularly in order to help The Jack and Jill Foundation provide more families with WOW experiences. Please let me know how I can make sure our gratitude is passed on to all who helped provide this experience for us. Thanks again, The Genduso Family

Heidi, I want to take this moment to thank the JAJF foundation for the most wonderful time my family had in Orlando. The WOW experience was all that and then some. Myself and two daughters were deeply moved from flight to finish. The host gave the necessary accommodations to fulfill our needs. This was a great time for us to come together and celebrate life.

Again, I say Thank-You for all you do, my heart goes out to you. Hats off JAJF

Pack family