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I don’t even know where to start…I can not say Thank You enough to you for all your hard work arranging every detail, Jack & Jill Foundation for giving us this once in a lifetime trip & all the organizations that were involved in making our trip amazing. I can not tell you the last time that we were able to watch the kids have fun & not think about the cancer. At first our son had said, how can we Not think about the cancer, that is why we are going isn’t it? But once we got to Florida he was finally able to feel like the weight was lifted. They had an amazing time at Sea World & Universal Studios, it was nice to see them just being kids & enjoying the time with their dad. We have had to make so many decisions in the last 6 months but this was the 1st time when the only decision we had to make was what we were going to eat for breakfast, & what we were going to see next. What you have given us something that can never be taken away ! Please forward our sincere Thank You to all that were involved in this amazing experience.

The Rasmussen’s