Sleboda Family

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Dear Heidi, the Jack and Jill foundation, and all sponsors,

There are no words strong enough to exude our gratitude for your blessing us with our trip to Orlando, Florida. When Mike was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer with extensive bone metastasis needless to say we were devastated. How do you explain to a 2, 4, and 6 year old that Dad is going to fight terminal cancer every day for his life here on Earth to watch them grow up. God has continued to show us that he will take care of us, even our wants. When we found out we were going to receive this trip we thought it was to good to be true. We couldn't believe how easy everything fell into place and Heidi took care of all the details for us. With all of our medical bills piling up there was no way we would have ever been able to take our family on this trip of a lifetime. Our children had not only never been to Florida before but they also had never flown before either.

It was amazing to see their little faces light up once we got on the plane, and again in the theme parks. It had been quite awhile since we didn't seem to have any worries and just time to enjoy each other and the day. What wonderful memories we have made, and to not talk about cancer for almost an entire week was such a needed break. It gave us time to regroup, rest, and strengthen. We cant believe how good people really can be. We felt like royalty at Universal Studios, being escorted to the front of most rides, my husband and already jotted down numbers for scooter rentals figuring the pain he had been in and fatigue he wouldn't be able to tolerate all the walking and standing and what a blessing it was to have that pass- we never had to even call a scooter rental company. God was good to us. The shows at SeaWorld were amazing. Disney was terrific.

Our hotel stay at the Clarion Lake Buena Vista was also wonderful, the pool, meals, and staff were wonderful. The entire trip was absolutely amazing. We pray that God continues to bless this foundation. What a tremendous blessing this has been for our family, we hope we are in some small way able to pay it forward one day.

The Sleboda family