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Mark A. Spiezio: 9/10/1960 - 12/1/2012


Hello In-Kind Donors,

I am writing this note with tears of gratitude in my eyes! Words cannot express how amazing the whole weekend was for my family and me.
The time I spent alone with my husband at the 39th Ryder Cup was priceless and then sharing in the excitement of the beautiful Sheraton Hotel and Towers with our children was precious. We were treated so well at the Hotel by the Staff and the food was wonderful! We experienced a world-wind of emotion throughout the weekend from the Double-Decker Bus Tour to the Architectural River Cruise and a bonus with a filming of a movie outside our suite and then to the White Sox Game on Sunday!! As a parent to see how happy our family was and not to have to think about Cancer for just a moment was so wonderful…it was hard to come home back to the reality of lives, but we are so thankful and humbled for the WOW! Experience gift you all have given to us…someone you’ve never met..but wow have touched us so greatly!!!

Thank again for the bottom of our Hearts,

Mark, Pam, Anthony and Olivia

The Spiezio Family