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Chris Sullivan: 2/3/1976 - 5/19/2011


Dear Friends,
Words cannot describe how thankful we all are for the trip that was provided for our family by the Jack and Jill Foundation! We continue to feel overwhelmed with gratitude to the Jack and Jill Foundation, Heidi, and all of the sponsors. It was more than we ever could have dreamed or expected. Our family has been fighting for Chris, my husband’s life, against Esophageal Cancer for two years now. We have two little girls, one is three years old and our youngest is one year old girl. The past two years has been hard on the entire family and we so desperately needed a break. This trip to Orlando, Florida provided that much needed respite. I am also so grateful that my mother was able to come with us. I knew I could not have done it without her help. She is so grateful that she could come and help experience this trip with us.

To Heidi, Thank you so much for all your work, for all the details you took care of for us. You were always so patient with all of our questions.

First was the plane ride. My daughters, mother, and I had never flown before. The staff at Southwest Airlines was fabulous. They helped me with Chris and the girls. Their help made something I worried about become something so easy. The plane trip to Orlando and from was wonderful. They did not mind answer questions from me and my three year old. J

When we arrived in Orlando, we were met by Mears transportation. They were so wonderful. Our driver, Mr. Joseph, was one of the nicest people. He was so polite. It was such a pleasure talking to him. He made the trip to the hotel and on our way back to the airport a pleasure as he pointed out things to us.

The staff at the hotel was so wonderful and welcoming. One individual in particular made us feel at home. Her name was Nadia. Nadia was wonderful. She gave us suggestions concerning Sea World and Disney. She helped make us feel so special, almost like we were her only priority.

Sea World was amazing. My oldest daughter, Sierra loved seeing all of the animals and getting to feed them. Even Alyssa was fascinated by touching a Sting Ray with Mommy. J They both loved watching the sharks with Daddy. There was so much to see. It was so wonderful being able to relax with our children and be almost normal again for a little while. The shows were excellent. We all love the dolphin show and getting to see Believe with the Shamu family. The Shamu family show was definitely the highlight. Everyone at Sea World was so helpful and nice.

Disney was everything I wanted it to be for my daughters. They both loved seeing Daisy Duck. I could not keep tears back when I saw them hugging and kissing her. I had my little girl back. The little girl who was not worried that Daddy might leave because the Doctors have to fix his inside boo boos. They both laughed and loved seeing Pooh Bear, Tigger, Eyore, and Piglet. Sierra lit up even more when she got to meet the princesses. It was as though she was meeting a dream. She laughed, danced, kissed, hugged, and whispered to all of them (Tiana and Prince Navene, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Belle). The individuals who act out these characters are wonderful. Sierra’s smile was so large when Bell told her that “She and the Beast had seen Sierra coming in the mirror.” When we went to eat at the 1900 Faire with the cast of Cinderella, the fun continued. Sierra and Alyssa loved Anastasia, the evil step sister. It was so much fun watching this young lady have fun with my girls. They made faces at each other and laughed so hard.

This was truly a magical time. I cannot thank you enough for this gift of memories. These are memories the girls will have in pictures of their father, their family together. So many times during the last two years, I have worried and worried if our family will be broken with the loss of Chris due to the horrible thing called cancer. During this trip, we were able to forget and just enjoy each other and enjoy life. There are so many to thank and our hearts are so full that I am afraid I might leave something out of this letter. We are so blessed with these wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. We cannot thank you enough for this very priceless gift. The selfless act that Heidi, the Jack and Jill Foundation, and sponsors do for families like mine is beyond words.

May God continue to bless the Jack and Jill Foundation, all of the sponsors, and everyone who is involved with these WOW experiences..

Thank you for these memories and for this experience,

The Sullivan Family

Chris, Tammy, Sierra, Alyssa Sullivan and Janie Angel