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I apologize for my thank you not being in a more timely manner. However, life continues to throw curve balls. I started with a cold while I was in Florida and ended up with Pneumonia and then we received word that my husbands’ nephew faced an untimely death.

I don’t even know where to begin to express our gratitude. Thank you seems so small for the overwhelming acts of kindness that were showed my family. Thank you Heidi for having a foundation that allowed us a family retreat after such a difficult year. And Jon I know if I start naming things I will surely miss someone or something but the memories will be with us forever. IT WAS PERFECT!!!

The staff & merchants made us feel like royalty. I remember having a sewage backup on Christmas day and not wanting to call and take someone from their families but we had to. I don’t think I had actually put the phone back when there was a knock at the door. And two very, very nice men were there to help.

When we arrived the house was adorable with the tree trimmed and stocking hanging and a visit already from Santa. WOW!! The gifts could not have been more perfect. It was as if you knew my children individually including their favorite colors. My son’s skateboard was a huge hit. I mentioned to you that we love board games and have a million of them, however the games you gave us…we did not already own.

And all the fabulous meals that were planned at the different restaurants and cafes, it was fun to watch the Truman Show and see the store where we enjoyed fresh squeezed orange juice with our breakfast and see the owner on the ladder (we were there). We were blown away when you took us around to the bookstore and seaside shop and they were so generous with the gift cards. We received shirts from Bud & Alleys that we have been wearing since we have been back home and we have had several customers comment on what an excellent restaurant it is and “didn’t you just love their sweet potato fries”! What a fun evening both there and the Red Bar. Everyone was so kind.

You know how much we enjoyed the bikes and especially the segway. I personally had a great time on it the day we all rode over to Publix. We were grateful for the gift cards that they furnished. We are not even sure who to thank for Christmas Dinner (that was like being at grandmas) or for the breakfast that was delivered and the Pizza. Wow does the list go on.

And what a fun day we spent working on our ice cream bowl at the pottery shop. We felt like family when we left. In fact our children kept saying they felt like we should stop in and say goodbye AGAIN.

Everyone enjoyed the tennis and my husband wanted to make sure I again said thanks for restringing his racquet. It was a really fun day for Keith to play with the children and I enjoyed some sleep. We have received the email with the proofs from Shane and thrilled to have finally had a family portrait made. It has been to many years. And best of all he seemed to have captured our personalities and love for each other.

I am sure I have missed things and not because they were not important to us just the shear volume of generosity was overwhelming. But before I close I would once again like to personally thank Jon for all the time and effort in organizing such a fairy tale week. Even the extra night in the house when you learned that we would be arriving a little earlier than expected was not taken for granted. And the impromptu tour of the Vera Bradley Inn You were an amazing host!

And now in closing my motto in life has always been to live like you are dying. Never go without saying I love you to those you love. Or thank you, to someone who has shared an act of kindness. You each have left a footprint on our hearts and we will be forever grateful!!

Julia & The Westover Family