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Lisa A. White: 12/28/1968 - 8/30/2008



I have attached our thank you letter for Monday night’s events. Please feel free to make any comments and/or suggestions. I will admit that I am not a great writer. I am an accountant who is all about the numbers.

As far as the World of Coke Tour, I am doing a little bit of research. Unfortunately, we do not recall our VIP guide’s name which I wanted to include in the thank you letter. I spoke with a representative with World of Coke and she is going to forward me the name and the address to send the thank you letter. Hopefully, I will have it this afternoon and will forward my letter to you. My chemo treatment starts back tomorrow so if we do not get it today I will see if Paul can write the letter.

I definitely do not want to leave you out of my thanks. If it was not for all of your calls and contacts, there would be no one to write thank you letters to. The Jack and Jill Foundation and you are doing wonderful things to give families time to forget the sickness and enjoy life. Thanks again and again and again for all that you do. It has been a pleasure getting to know about the Jack and Jill Foundation and you.

Lisa White