The Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation (JAJF) takes great pride in our financial efficiency and accountability. We voluntarily conduct an annual independent audit, as we are committed to financial transparency for our donors and stakeholders. Building JAJF’s reputation on integrity, transparency, professionalism and fiscal responsibility is essential to us and thus, we make our financials available to our stakeholders and the public.

Since our launch in 2005, JAJF has proudly aligned with Northern Trust. They took us under their wing believing in our mission and our purpose across the country. There is no JAJF without Northern Trust’s compassion and goodwill. There is no JAJF without Northern Trust’s belief in the importance of JAJF and in the importance of family. You could say, we are both in the family memory business.

We encourage you to investigate our financials before you donate. Click on the links below to view more details on JAJF’s finances.

The Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt national public charity. JAJF is dependent on private donations from individuals, family foundations, grants and corporations.

JAJF – FY2019 Audit 
JAJF – FY2018 Audit 
JAJF – FY2017 Audit
JAJF – FY2016 Audit
JAJF – FY2015 Audit
JAJF – FY2014 Audit
JAJF – FY2013 Audit
JAJF – FY2012 Audit
JAJF – FY2011 Audit
JAJF – FY2010 Audit

JAJF – FY2019 990 (IRS calendar year 2018)
JAJF – FY2018 990 (IRS calendar year 2017)
JAJF – FY2017 990 (IRS calendar year 2016)
JAJF – FY2016 990 (IRS calendar year 2015)
JAJF – FY2015 990 (IRS calendar year 2014)
JAJF – FY2014 990 (IRS calendar year 2013)
JAJF – FY2013 990 (IRS calendar year 2012)
JAJF – FY2012 990 (IRS calendar year 2011)
JAJF – FY2011 990 (IRS calendar year 2010)
JAJF – FY2010 990 (IRS calendar year 2009)

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