Founder’s Message

A Message from Founder Jon Albert

These three pictures say it all:

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These images capture the true spirit, purpose, importance and need of JAJF. For Oncologists to now “prescribe” JAJF as part of the treatment protocol for the patient, the spouse and their children…the family together is extraordinary… and humbling. Oncologists have validated the medicinal impact JAJF is having in the immediate term and now longer term years later for these families–especially the children who are losing their heroes and security blankets at such a vulnerable time.  We have the privilege of hearing from each of our late stage families.  Our families reinforce word after poignant and powerful word (and smile) the impact… the joy, the relief, the benefit .

As the only organization to: TREAT THE FAMILIES; NOT THE CANCER (addressing this overlooked population), there is a need to keep fighting the fight; there is also a need, as any Oncologist will say,  to keep fighting for cherished family time for these young parents who just won’t be saved by the next wonder drug, clinical trial or hope for a cure. Together, we have a real opportunity with your contribution to support what Oncologists are now emphasizing (and prescribing):  the power of a smile, laughter and good times together as a family  in the face of late stage cancer.

JAJF has now treated families from 44 states since my wife Jill died just before Thanksgiving 2006.  Our supporters praise us for the measurable  (and meaningful) impact their contribution makes.  There is no black hole.   The best way we can share the profound (tangible) impact/”results” we are having on thousands of children and their Dads and Moms across the nation is to have you stop by the Appreciation Archives and Family Photo Gallery on our website and listen to some of the many voice messages our families have shared.  Peruse the sweet pictures and notes from families enjoying the time they have left together creating lasting POSITIVE memories. Ask how you can meet or at least talk with your own families you treat.

Smile as you experience our website. JAJF is on the joy, laughter, smile, positive side of late stage cancer. We treat the families; not the cancer. Our supporters appreciate these children who are facing the imminent loss of their Moms and or Dads deserve a timeout from cancer to create cherished (indispensable) memories as a family…while they can.  Smile as you provide lasting smiles.