With the support of our corporate WOW! partners and individual supporters, since 2006 JAJF continues to  provide a direct and tangible impact on so many sweet, young  families facing the destruction of cancer.  As the only organization of its kind in the country, sadly, it is just too easy to find young Moms and Dads in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s dying from cancer leaving behind their children. For Oncologists across the United States  to prescribe JAJF as part of the treatment protocol is extraordinary.

Our supporters/Benefactors  appreciate the broader message: It should not take a terminal diagnosis for us all to Hurry Up and Live! ® and celebrate family time together.

Cancer is the great equalizer. The reality is cancer indiscriminately strikes entertainers, actors, All-Stars, Senators, CEO’s and average Joes.  Too many young Dads and Moms just will not be saved by the next wonder drug, trial or hope for a cure.  This is where JAJF addresess an overlooked population.

See who is helping JAJF have a measurable, meaningful impact across the United States – view the JAJF Corporate WOW! Partners and Individual Supporters/Benefactors and Investors.

For details on how you can become part of the WOW! Society, please contact Jennifer Kanter at (404) 537-5253.