While there are numerous resources and support services for cancer patients. The Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation has discovered a critical need for a resource providing families coping with late stage cancer a chance to create cherished memories together.

Now prescribing JAJF WOW! Experiences as part of the treatment process, oncologists across the country believe the organization offers cancers patients and their families an essential timeout from their late-stage cancer.

JAJF has now treated hundreds of families across the nation to cherished time together in Hawaii, Arizona, NYC, South Florida, Orlando, Chicago, the Caribbean, Colorado and California. With its unique mission in mind, JAJF is on the smile, laughter, joy and positive side of late-stage cancer. Every WOW! Experience is a celebration of family in its truest form.

Despite the advances in cancer research, thousands of young moms and dads will die from cancer each year, leaving behind grieving children. There is a clear, unfulfilled need for a resource helping families take advantage of the time they have together. JAJF recognizes the importance and purpose of many other cancer organizations. Here is a partial list of other wonderful organizations dedicated to helping patients fight their battle against cancer: