Referral (Prescription) Process


Referral Process and Eligibility Requirements:

WOW! Experience program referral families must meet all eligibility requirements below before the Oncologist can submit the referral/prescription. All families must:

  • Be referred directly from their treating oncologists
  • Have late stage limited life expectancy cancer
  • Have at least one child age between the ages of three (3) and eighteen (18) – Only one child must meet the age requirement; The spirit of the foundation is to focus on the children living in the household (generally 18 and under).
  • Have a life expectancy more than three (3) months
  • Have not participated in an any adult dream, wish, or any other similar program

For questions, please contact Kerry McGavin at (404) 537-5254.

To refer a family, please download and complete the Oncology Referral Form and return to (404) 920-2139.

Please note, incomplete referrals will not be processed until both the patient and oncology portions are completed and returned.  Once completed, signed paperwork is received, you (the family) will be contacted within two weeks to begin the planning. You’ll be given several choices of destinations based on several factors including the age of your children. Families typically go on their prescribed timeout… their WOW! Experience within 3-8 weeks of initial contact. Delays due to health over 12 weeks of initial paperwork may result in the need for the prescription to be re-approved by your Oncologist.